What’s Your Health?

What is health and wellness? What does it mean to you? Why should you even care? These are all great questions that can provide excellent insight into an individual and what they wish to accomplish. It turns out, there are many individuals who share the same questions and are yearning for some guidance.

Does it mean losing weight to play with your children at the park? Does it mean prepping for a bodybuilding show? Help heal and maintain gut health? Build your self-confidence? The beautiful thing about health and wellness is that it is not a one size fits all approach, but rather a term that emphasizes what is important to you.

If you cannot idealize what it means for you, that’s okay. Having a clear goal in mind can be tricky and not exactly present right now. The important thing is to tailor it so it is personal and it holds you accountable for your efforts. For me, I have struggled with childhood asthma well into adulthood, improper gut health, poor cardiovascular genetics, and overwhelmed with the quality of my food sources.

Fortunately, I have realized at a young age that I would have to fight to overcome, or slow down, some disease processes and I never let it get me down. I would use that as fuel to fight harder and accept the cards I was dealt with a smile on my face. After all, this just makes us stronger and more resilient in the long run!

I have fought day in and day out to improve my health and overall wellbeing. I have fought to have limited asthma exacerbations and I can now run around with my kids without feeling out of breath or like a fish out of water gasping for air. Have you ever been the child who could not keep up running with his friends because he needed to pause to use his inhaler? Then sit the rest of the game out because you were shaking so much as a result of the medication to help your breathing? My asthma was so bad that I could time each year when I would have to go into the Emergency Room because I simply could not get enough air! That was a turning point for me.

One day I realized I can control my existence and guide the outcomes. I took control and started to look into proper exercise techniques to reduce my asthma attacks, foods that could trigger an attack, and environmental factors that play a large role. I took ownership and accountability for my situation and used that to give me the strength I need to change.

This isn’t everyone’s motivation. This is my motivation. It also pertains to my intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and paternal cardiovascular health concerns (father had a previous heart attack). I use what scares me to motivate me to better myself. Learn as much as I can about what is going on and find a way for me to fight back. Fight fire with fire.

Again, I understand this isn’t everyone’s approach, but accountability and acceptance is a vital part of the healing process. My goal is to help identify the need, work collaboratively to achieve an attainable and realistic goal, and educate along the way. Simple. No fluff, just the desire to share my knowledge and clinical expertise to help anyone who needs some guidance making your health and well being personal again.




Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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Scott Braver

Scott Braver

Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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