What’s The Point of it All?

Within You, Without You

Sorry for the existential question, but sometimes we need some self-reflection and an inquisitive mind to get us through challenging times.

Do you ever feel down and blue?

Feel like life just isn’t going the way you planned it?

Can’t clear the fog in your head?

Well, you aren’t alone in this pickle. Let’s get back to basics and understand what helps us feel our best.

We are inundated with stress, frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, feelings of worthlessness, and despair.

Don’t Forget About Our Roots

There is so much pressure on us as a human that we FORGET what made us the top of the food chain, to begin with.

We are a fully capable, intelligent being with opposable thumbs and a big brain for a reason. We didn’t develop these evolutionary capabilities to sit in front of the TV and play games on our electronic devices all day.

Our species has survived plagues, wars, mother nature, illnesses, and destruction. You mean to tell me we have fought off bears, tigers, lions, and the elements, but we can’t change a freaking tire on our car?

We have become so reliant on others to do everything for us that we can no longer function as a higher species. We have become doughy, soft in every sense of the word, and incapable of opening a damn jar of pickles!

What the hell happened?

We have lost respect for ourselves and for others. We are so quick to criticize and point blame, but we never self reflect.

There was a time when we worked together for the better of our village. There was a time when would walk barefoot throughout the land. There was a time when we got sunlight and respected what nature brought us.

Now we take advantage of every single thing that we have and complain when we get hard tacos instead of soft tacos. We throw a tantrum when we can’t take a good selfie with stupid little “duck lips.”

Ignorance Is The New “It” Factor

Don’t get me wrong, I love that technology is designed to make my life easier, but there comes a point when too much is too much.

Grounding is something that we all should be starting to do. Grounding is essentially just walking barefoot for 5–10 minutes and feel the earth between your toes.

It’s not technical but packs a big punch.

Don’t knock it until you try it. You will be amazed at how connected you feel with yourself.

Next, try to not look at your phone for 1 hour prior to sleep. After that, don’t look at your phone for 1 hour after awakening.

I will bet ANYONE $100 they can’t do it.

We have become so programmed to reach for our electronic devices when we are bored, feel insecure, are worried, or just want to have mind-numbing entertainment.

When was the last time you read a PHYSICAL book? Remember that whole vocabulary thing? It’s not all about emojis and GIFs. Your brain used to know how to spell absence.

What I am getting at is that we have quite literally downgraded ourselves from being the top of the food chain by being so incompetent with living life.

When did it get is hard?

Why have we let this happen?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but in a very easily offended society, it seems that we have lost our way.

I am an educated person who has spent most of their life searching for ways to improve longevity and quality of life.

I spend most of my days coaching people how to eat REAL food and get physical again. Some days I see a light bulb that goes off, however, most days people look at me with a blank stare and think I am crazy.

I Can Stop Any Time I Want. Said The Bambling Bafoon.

How did this paradigm shift?

Why, and most importantly how, did eating healthy and being physical become such a controversial topic?

Everyone has an ideology of what “healthy” is, however it couldn’t be broader.

Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are at an all-time high and people just continue to eat processed foods, be lazy, and take medication after medication to mask the symptoms of what’s happening.

I tell people to eat meat, organic foods, seasonal veggies, and fruits and don’t eat processed foods and I am the one in the wrong?

No joke, people will not give up bread. At what point in nature did our ancestors have bread to ease their emotions and make them feel good about themselves when they were hunting for their food every day?

How have we become so pitiful?

Are we really going to eat ourselves into extinction?

It certainly seems that way when twinkies are on sale for a dollar and a pound of meat is $4.00.

Willpower and integrity are gone and instead, we have gluttony and entitlement.

How the fuck does a 20 something have entitlement over anything?

I have two master’s degrees, am in my thirties, and feel like I know less now than I ever have in my life. The more education I received, the less I realize I know.

It is called the Dunning-Kruger effect and it couldn’t be more accurate.

But why?

We value ignorant people who post staged photographs online and belittle people who work hard.

People become celebrities for literally nothing and Nobel prize winners are never remembered are even heard of.

Enough ranting, I just ask with all my heart, please get active. Eat real food. Make our ancestors proud of all the hardship they had to go through so we could have a better life.

Get in touch with nature. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Ask questions. Keep your mouth shut and carry a big stick. Realize what old expressions actually mean and stay true to your word. Understand we are capable of so much more.

Please. Don’t accept the status quo. Question ignorance and don’t tolerate anything less than exceptional in your life, but don’t forget you have to work for it.

Be strong. Be brave. Be human.




Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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Scott Braver

Scott Braver

Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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