Real Men Eat Real Food

Scott Braver
6 min readJun 19, 2021
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There seems to be this enigma that guys being guys is a bad thing and we are supposed to be delicate little flowers and we have succumbed to society's shift of androgynous behaviors.

Physically, males tend to have more muscle mass than their female counterparts and require more calories to maintain their body weight.

Unfortunately, our Standard American Diet (SAD) tends to be carb-centric (carbohydrate-heavy) and lacks the required amounts of vital nutrients we need as guys to thrive.

This is why we are seeing younger and younger guys fall into the pitfalls of early-onset cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, hormonal disturbances, infertility, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and cancers.

Guys need to gain back control over their lives and start eating REAL FOOD.

Dudes 101

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Being a guy isn’t that hard. We typically aren’t picky, need a few basic necessities, and need to feel accomplished in life.

Somehow we have lost our way and have gone from the top of the food chain to a species that can’t even change a gosh darn tire, or a light bulb!

What the hell happened to us?

There are some noncontrollables out there like genetics, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to not maximize what we can!

Because guys have more lean muscle mass than females, we need to eat like it. We need to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to thrive, not just maintain a shell of a life.

Guys are to be protectors of their families, not cower in the corner hoping someone else will come in and save the day.

Guys need to set examples for their children, not put them down because of their own insecurities. We need to build our children up to be better versions of ourselves!

Guys need to understand that life isn’t always easy and we need to put our heads down and carry a big stick. We can’t always wallow in our self-pity, we have to stand up and fight for what we want in life.

I personally believe the food quality guys have been fed is to blame. We eat nutritionally empty foods that leave us hungry and wanting more. No more meat because we were told it’s bad for us.

No more physical labor because it is too hard. No more building stuff ourselves because we don’t know how or we pay someone to do it.

We have lost pride in a job well done. Everyone wants quick and easy and never puts the work in for something they want.

Where and why did our philosophy change? Guys are becoming more androgynous and less manly. I don’t understand the culture shift, but guys need to wake up and find their vigor once more!

Manly Men Eat Real Food

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One of the biggest contributing factors to a guy’s early demise is cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Essentially, heart attack/strokes and diabetes.

Concerned about your performance in the bedroom? Better start eating real food.

Are you depressed? Better start eating real food.

Are you lacking energy? Better start eating real food.

Do you have the ‘Dad Bod’ thing going? Better start eating real food.

Time and time and time again, I help guys find how to be themselves once more. We have been force-fed CRAP from the FDA and bad science. Time to wake up and get our hands dirty once more.

So many guy's health problems can be traced back to poor dietary consumption. From depression to erectile dysfunction, food all has its role in impacting those.

What should guys do to help improve their overall health, reduce the risk of heart attack/diabetes, improve longevity, and set an example for their children?


Start by eating your body weight in protein in a day. That means if you weigh 185lb, you should be consuming 185 grams of protein.

Let me preface that by saying EATING, not drinking. Stop looking for excuses and put the work in. Your body doesn't metabolize all that protein powder and protein bar crap well and it causes you to have terrible gas.

Plus, manufacturers aren't stupid, they need it to taste good so you keep buying it. As a result, they add artificial sweeteners for flavor. Every single one does it.

Besides eating your body weight in protein, you need to stop eating foods that have a nutritional label.

When we go grocery shopping, we like to peruse up and down the aisle and see what tickles our fancy at that moment. All those foods are filled with fillers like gluten, soy, corn, dairy, and industrial seed oils.

Avoid all nutritional labels if you can. Stick to the perimeter of the store because there is no nutritional label on fruits and veggies, meat, seafood, and eggs!

That's all the real food that we need to eat!

I 100% guarantee, that if you follow that plan, a LARGE number of your ailments will resolve.

Our daily diet doesn't give us very good nutrition and, for guys, we need those building blocks to build lean muscle mass.

If we just eat empty carbs all day and drink beer, we will get the inevitable dad bod and have ED issues, can't keep up with our kids, and fall deep into a depressive state.

The cycle is perpetual and inevitable if guys don't take action and eat a diet that's MADE for them!

Don’t Be Dainty

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Time to trade in your skinny jeans for some Wrangler’s and earn that stressed look on your pants.

Teach your kids how to play catch. Show them how to barbeque a good steak and season it appropriately.

Show your children how to change a tire or car battery. Show them how to clean something or use a screwdriver.

These are all life lessons that we have lost sight of. Children learn by example. Show them what it's like to be a man.

Open the door for a woman, treat women with dignity and respect, never hit a woman, be polite. This is common sense stuff, guys.

The dad bod is dead. Staring at your phone and ignoring your kids is dead. Eating fast food because you are too lazy is dead.

Time to take the initiative and earn your keep. Build a dining table for your family. Don’t know how, figure it out. Start exercising. Don’t know how, trial by error.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your transformation. Identify your weak parts and tackle them with a vengeance. Stop running from your weaknesses.

Get 7–8 hours of sleep a night. Talk about your emotions with your partner. Have good outlets for stress from work or family issues.

Real men eat real food. They eat their body weight in protein. They don't eat foods with nutritional labels. They get enough sleep. They are engaged with their family. They are a role model for their sons. They show their daughters how men should treat them when they grow up.

Be the man you looked up to as a child. Stop looking for excuses and look out for nutritional labels.

Be strong. Be brave.