Eating Less and Saving More

There seems to be quite the conundrum out there that people are scared to eat healthy foods for fear of the associated costs.

I am not a math guy, but I am a medicine guy and I can certainly run through the rough numbers in my head and all signs point to FALSE.

Think about it, we eat heavily processed foods that make us full for 20 minutes but keep us yearning for more.

That doesn’t happen when we eat real food with real nutrients. As a result, we eat less and save more money.

Simple adding and subtracting here.

Let’s break it down further to help plead my case and get you started on the journey that will save your life.

Less Is More

We are a society of convenience. We want it fast, we want it now, and we don’t really care what it does to our body.

Well, it seems that over the years it has led to quite a few chronic diseases that have wreaked havoc on our welfare as a people.

We are constantly bombarded with commercials telling us what to buy, what to eat, how to live, and who to vote for. There are subliminal marketing tactics done NONSTOP that help collect further data and fine-tunes the marketing techniques to individuals.

Additionally, food specialists behind the scenes of commercials know what chemicals are adding to make the foods look extra fizzy, extra juicy, and extra desirable.

For example, deodorants make the foods look shiny. Engine oil is used instead of syrup. Meat is colored with shoe polish.

That’s disgusting AND deceptive.

All in the hopes of luring in additional people to make more money.

This isn’t a conspiracy- this is the cold hard facts that we tend to turn the other cheek on.

By eating those foods, our body is getting a huge portion of food that has little to no nutrients to absorb.

So, we get full because our stomach stretches to accommodate the food we just ate, then after we are done digesting, it is left craving more because it just got suckered!

It worked hard to digest those foods and there was nothing there to give it nutrition!

What happens is that we seek something else to fill us up again. Meanwhile, the heavily processed foods are laden with sodium (which leaves us feeling thirsty) and cut with sugar to mask the salty taste.

The sugar then spikes our blood sugar and that also triggers our body to want more food because insulin is being spiked in a huge fashion and we aren’t eating the nutrients to keep the blood sugar stable.

This is all happening simultaneously and repeatedly day in and day out. All the while it is costing us MORE money because we aren’t full! We keep eating and eating and eating!

Here is what we can do to help save money AND keep us healthy.

Eat. Real. Food.

Ingredients in steak are simply- steak. Ingredients in a Big Mac- only God knows.

Our bodies start to work hard to digest those nutrients found in steak and increases our metabolic activity while keeping us feeling full longer and building lean muscle mass instead of fat.

Quality food gives you quality results.

It is like anything else you buy in life.

Pay for crappy products and you get crappy products.

Why is that so hard to understand for the food we consume? Because we can’t actively see it destroying our body?

If we buy a crappy car and it breaks down right away- that is something tangible we actively see.

When we eat a Big Mac, our bodies are going haywire internally to save face and SURVIVE.

Remember, our bodies will do whatever it needs to for survival until it simply can’t take anymore.

What Happens When Our Bodies Breakdown

Much like I alluded to prior, our bodies do a pretty damn good job of trying to stay alive.

Until we continue to try and kill it with the foods we eat, that is.

Eating crappy foods now may feel like it saves us money because we get a huge burger, soda, and fries for under 5 dollars AND we don’t have to make it ourselves.

Well, long term, that adds up in insulin, syringes, blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, erectile dysfunction medication, obesity, and quite possibly cancer.

That seems like a pretty grim outlook for something that we eat right now.

Why not INVEST in yourself for the long haul? Why does it have to be such a challenge to grocery shop for your food and prepare your meals every day?

Don’t you want to set your children up for success in allowing them to learn how to cook?

So many adults in the generation younger than myself don’t know how to cook the most basic things- let alone do their own laundry.

We used to be at the top of the food chain and hunt our food- we don’t even know how to change a god damn tire now!

This madness has to stop. Men need to act like men, set examples for their children, teach them how to hunt, cook, and fix things.

We need to really stop idolizing this movement where boys are perming their hair, wearing skinny jeans, and waxing their eyebrows.

Men are supposed to be rough around the edges. We are supposed to be protective and burly.

Again, I digress, but we need to have a big paradigm shift in our society if we want further generations to survive.

We are slowly killing off our kind by not thinking long-term and only living in the here and now.

Our bodies can only handle so much before they throw in the towel and start breaking down.

This can be found in the form of insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the fat surrounding our internal organs, fatigue, weight gain and decreased blood flow.

We have to understand that healthcare is a business. People in business aren’t in business to lose money.

Every single thing in healthcare is designed around that fact. We are money-centric and our protocols and insurance payouts show it.

You have to be an advocate for your health and dig further! Ask questions, learn about the food quality.

A simple search can show you so much. You have to want the change, though.

Chemically, all these crappy foods we eat hit on that dopamine neurotransmitter so it is essentially like an addiction every time we eat crappy foods.

That is our reward system and it is constantly overwhelmed. A phenomenon called tachyphylaxis occurs where we eventually need more of the same substance to have the same desired effect.

That is called addiction and alcoholics and drug users experience the exact same mechanism of action.

If the FDA were that concerned about our health, they would think twice about the food sources they allow to enter our system.

This requires a group effort and many people are starting to catch on, but it is going to take a revolution to make this effective.

Be strong. Be brave.




Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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Scott Braver

Scott Braver

Fascinated with bettering myself and others

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